Introducing the Coterie Worklounge Vision — A New Kind of Coworking

Tell me the idea of sitting at a corporate cubicle is a part of your dream job, and then tell me you’re not lying between your teeth.

The modern workforce ideal has shifted. More than 53 million Americans report being independent workers. That’s 34 percent of the total workforce. The lure of mobile workplaces, the gig economy, and free virtual conference rooms have superseded career dreams once painted in routine, reliability and penchant plans.

You could say a nail is being driven into the desk of the corporate office, and it’s not for construction.

Yet, while the want to work has fundamentally changed, have we seen our work environment raise to the challenge of our new dreams? In some ways, yes.


What’s the Big Deal About Coworking?

The steady increase in remote workbase has given rise to the coworking revolution, fostering an explosion of global shared work spaces. A staggering stat: In 2007 there were only 14 coworking spaces on Earth. Now, 10 years later, there are more than 11,000. Another 15,000 establishments are forecasted to open doors in the next 2.5 years. For the nerds out there, this represents a compound annual growth rate of 23.8%, only outpaced by the growth trajectory of the number of people looking to become coworking members: 3.8 million by 2020.

In plain terms that means a whole lot of people want to be members of coworking spaces, and a whole lot of businesspeople are opening doors to the shared-rent-economy.

Yet, we at Coterie Worklounge feel that up until now the target’s been missed. We’ve been die-hard mobile workers, coworking members, and cafe working enthusiasts since the beginning, steadily on the hunt to find our new “dream spot” born from the ashes of our corporate desks. But, the hunt was futile.

We found ourselves hopping between coffee shops, coworking spaces, hotel bars, and a home office.

We became virtual nomads squatting for work and meeting space all over the city.  

Where were the coworking spaces that nurtured a mix of creative juice and professional vibe? Sometimes we needed to buckle down and plow through the work…but others, we want to unwind and let our minds work on the peripheral for creative problem solving. Sometimes we work (productive), sometimes we lounge (creative).  Sound familiar? Maybe you recognize yourself below. Are you stuck, distracted, or lonely?


The 3 Struggles All Independent Workers Know

STUCK.  What we know: A change in environment stimulates creativity.  Routine kills creativity.  And even in the most beautiful, fun, and “creative” of offices, we humans tend to fall into routine.   A change of scenery, even for a couple of hours, a day or two a week, inspires. Coworkers know this. 84% of coworking professionals say they are more engaged and motivated when coworking, and 67% report coworking improves their professional success. Changing your view can literally change your point of view.   

DISTRACTED.  Working from a buzzing lounge can literally boost your productivity.  Sounds counter-intuitive, but working with a “buzz” can be less distracting than working from a quiet office.  At the office you are more likely to be interrupted…which kills productivity. 69% of coworking professionals say they feel more successful since joining a coworking space. Don’t let your looming laundry pile interrupt your flow.  Some of us need to be around people and out of our pajamas to focus on the task at hand.

LONELY.  The new epidemic.  New research indicates an increasing sense of loneliness among remote workers – and sometimes even at the office.  Meeting new people stimulates new ideas, different perspective on existing problems, and key connections to people working on their ideas that just may inspire you. 83% or coworkers are less lonely since becoming a coworking member, and 87% meet fellow coworking members for social reasons outside the professional bubble. There is something about working alone together.  You get the benefits of anonymity with the buzz of activity. And, a Worklounge encourages human interaction naturally.

*Source: Stats according to to Emergent Research, a research and consulting firm focused on small businesses, and the Social Workplace Conference, the biggest gathering in the world of coworking space owners, managers and catalysts

But instead of continuing to complain about the situation, we saw opportunity, and started blueprinting.


Introducing the Coterie Worklounge Vision — A New Kind of Coworking

Building on the demand of the mobile worker, the knowledge of what stimulates productivity, and using our decades of professional nomadship as a foundation, Leah Richmond, and I started sketching the Coterie Worklounge Vision.

In our minds, we didn’t want a typical coworking or shared office space, and we wanted to offer more than just a social club. A $315 per month Commuter membership should be the complete package.

It needed to be professional and classy enough for CEOs and Presidents of companies to arrive, feel at ease, and sign deals. Think leather, lounge, fires….very conversational.

But it couldn’t be stuffy. It needed to be playful enough to seed innovation between fellow entrepreneurs who need room to express, whiteboards to ideate on, and beers to crack at the end of the day.

And it needed to stimulate creative genius by supporting our body’s natural urge to “change scenery,” without forcing members to leave and find a nearby cafe (and outlet, and $5 latte, and seat).

It needed to be professional, innovative, fun, stimulating, quiet, and abuzz, all in one. A dubious dream, yes, but that was the vision. And now, a year later, we’re proud to announce we think we’ve cracked the code… The worklounge!

With Coterie Worklounge, you get it all.  It’s the coworking space that rises to the ultimate challenge of diversity and professionalism. It’s the social-work-environment we’ve been hunting for.

Meeting rooms and private offices give members and guests the tools and opportunity to build, problem solve, and ideate. Quasi-private lounge space support small team meetings, phone calls, and provide the privacy for important conversations. Host a client lunch for a midday pick-me-up prepared by our on-site chef, or network with a cocktail at the end of day from our centrally located bar. Have more noble thinking? Escape to the in-house library for quiet thinking.

At Coterie Worklounge, we support the myriad environments mobile workers thrive in. Whether you’re in the need for a boardroom meeting for 20, or the hush of peace and quiet, you have space. And it’s all on the shared economy, aka value-minded.

Your dying corporate desk would pine to be a part. Not to mention, your clients impressed by your discernment.

Welcome to Coterie Worklounge, we’re excited to be with you in re-painting the professional dream.

Suzette Sparks